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CityU’s Cultural Festival ignites vibrant youth energy
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The City University of Macau concluded its Cultural Festival 2023 yesterday at the Cultural Centre on the Taipa campus. The closing ceremony showcased a wide range of artistic and cultural achievements, providing participants with a rich and diverse campus cultural experience. The event was attended by Chan Iok Wai, Head of the Department of Students at the SAR Government Education and Youth Development Bureau, Vice Rector Zhou Wanlei, Pro-Rector Chan Chon Pat, Dean Cheng Liying of the School of Education, Head Chao Chan Chon of the Student Affairs Office, as well as representatives from the Students’ Association, affiliated clubs, faculty, and students. The festival, organized by the Student Affairs Office in collaboration with the Students’ Association and with funding from the Education and Youth Development Bureau, spanned two weeks and featured various workshops and the inaugural “CityU Talent Show,” attracting the enthusiastic participation of numerous students and infusing the campus with vibrant youthful energy.

Vice Rector Zhou Wanlei, in his speech, mentioned that the theme of this year’s edition, “Experience Traditional Culture, Showcase Youthful Style,” aimed to cultivate students’ innovative spirit and hands-on abilities. Through various forms of artistic performances, featured workshops, and cultural booths representing different provinces, the festival provided students with a platform to excel their talents. It created a relaxed and enjoyable ambience where students could appreciate the charm of the traditional Chinese culture.

During the closing ceremony, the student clubs showcased their talents through a diverse range of performances The top five outstanding performance teams that stood out in the “CityU Talent Show” once again took the stage, delivering thrilling performances such as K-pop medleys, traditional Chinese dance, and fashion shows. They showcased the captivating charm of unique “CityU Talent” and received enthusiastic cheers and applause from the audience. The interlude of lucky draws during the ceremony elevated the atmosphere to new heights.

The Cultural Festival of the year featured a diverse range of activities that enriched the campus experience. One of the highlights was the Cultural Exhibition of Chinese Provincial Charm, which took place at the Student Tribe. This exhibition showcased the folk customs and traditions from various regions of China, with 12 booths providing a comprehensive display. Students had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty of Chinese landscapes and cultures all at once.

Additionally, the Student Affairs Office organized seven workshops that offered hands-on experiences and showcased various themes. These workshops included the Drunken Dragon Dance, Hand-Knitted Beverage Bags, Leather Crafts, Traditional Clay Art and Illustrations, DIY Macao Street Signs, Seal Carving, and Terrarium. Through these workshops, students had the chance to engage in immersive cultural experiences, tapping into their creativity and stimulating their interests for handicraft making and traditional culture.


Cultural Exhibition of Chinese Provincial Charm


Drunken Dragon Dance Experience


Hand-Knitted Beverage Bags


Leather Crafts


Traditional Clay Art and Illustrations


DIY Macao Street Signs


Seal Carving




CityU Talent Show

The “CityU Talent Show” made its debut in this year’s Cultural Festival and received overwhelming participation from students. Over twenty performances made it to the finals, encompassing various performance forms such as fast-paced storytelling, voice dubbing, skits, original songs, instrumental solos, and popular song and dance performances. The talent show provided a platform for students to showcase their talents through different forms of expressive performances.

This year’s activities highlighted the university’s achievements in promoting campus cultural development and enriching students’ extracurricular lives. Going forward, the CityU will continue to expand activity space and organize a greater variety of events to create a favorable campus environment for students.

Source: Student Affairs Office

Photo Credit: Student Affairs Office, CityU Reports

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